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Campaign #9: Not Fade Away

The campaign that gets specific about its priorities on how we go about supporting a Spike movie.

*We know who to target: 20th Century Fox.

*We know who the players are: Tim Minear, James Marsters and Amy Acker.

*We know the format: straight to DVD.

*We write our postcards, and make efforts to praise Fox for producing Buffy/Angel, but request strong support for a Spike movie helmed by Minear, starring Marsters, and going straight to DVD. We point out that we are only a vocal minority, that there are a legion of quieter fans not sending postcards who would snap up such a film.

*We know a date:  Send on or about June 20, 2006 so they will arrive by Joss Whedon's Birthday on June 23rd.

The more postcards arriving at the same time, the bigger the impact.

Please feel free to use the postcards below or choose postcards from your hometown to show the diversity of the fanbase.  E-mail if you'd like your postcard count added to the total.


Studio Target:

20th Century Fox

Dana Walden
Twentieth Century Fox Television
10201 West Pico Blvd
Building 88, Room 30
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Send Date:


Days Remaining:

36 days

Postcards Sent:


Please direct any questions or concerns to the webmaster .

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