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Campaign #8: Spike Movie
Support Spike's current goal is to convince a network to produce a Spike Movie or Spin-off series starring James Marsters.  Please consider helping in one of the following ways.


Monday at 2pm EDT Robert Bianco's USA Today Chat
Monday at 5pm EDT Kristin's E!Online Chat
Wednesday at 1pm EDT Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy Chat
Convention Gift Bags
Support Spike will be providing postcards and addresses to attendees at several conventions this summer.  More details can be found at this link.
Network Targets
  1. 20th Century Fox
  2. Warner Brothers
  3. TNT
  4. USA
  5. Sci-Fi Channel
  6. UPN
  7. Fx Network

Click the links above for address information or download the file.

Media Targets
  1. Mike Ausiello
  2. Kristin Veitch
  3. Matt Roush
  4. Amy Amatangelo
  5. Billie Doux
  6. Robert Bianco
  7. Whitney Matheson

Click the links above for contact information or download the file.

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